Pegasus Books is an online only,  bookstore, opened in 1999. I am a lifelong bibliophile and found that selling books online was a perfect solution for harnessing my love of books with being an independent business owner. My goal is having satisfied customers from around the world, fulfilling their book buying needs by carrying a wide selection of high quality, well described, eclectictitles. I endeavor to run my business in a professional, customer friendly manner. I look forward to helping customers on a continuous basis.



I specialize in Horse, Dog, Animal books, as well as Art, Architecture, Decorative Arts, and OEM Automobile/Engineering and Service Manuals, plus original Native American/Indian monographs. In the horse category I have a well filled catalogue of DRESSAGE books, modern and classical masters, as well as many titles on complementary care and healing methods, jumping, and various other aspects and disciplines of horse care, riding and training. I always keep in stock the highly desirable  "The Dynamic Horse,"  by Dr. Hilary Clayton. These are brand new books.   Additionally, I have multiple new copies of "The Dressage Horse, English Translation of Chapter III" by Harry Boldt, another scarce title.  As of the beginning of 2013 I am now carrying the dual language, German/English edition of the 1978 classic by Harry Boldt Das Dressur Pferd-the Dressage Horse.  This book is entirely translated into English, along with the original German, on each page,  with an additional section at the rear of the book.  

How I Named Pegasus Books: 

  • As well as being a lifelong bibliophile I have also been horse crazed my entire life. I am the proud owner of a wonderful dressage horse, Monty, a Canadian Sport Horse gelding. Pegasus Books is named in his honor, as when I ride him I feel as if I am riding through the clouds, in a magical partnership. Pegasus Books allows me to fulfill two passions at once: dealing in books and supporting Monty in the pampered lifestyle, which I  believe he has earned, and he has no doubts he absolutely deserves. Monty is VERY accustomed to lots of treats on a regular basis; your buying books keeps him well supplied with innumerable horse goodies. Should anyone wish to have horse discussions, I love hearing about other folks' horses and sharing info about Monty.

    In Memoriam: My wonderful inspiration, and equine partner, HRH Monty, crossed 'The Rainbow Bridge,' joining his ancestors in June 2012.  I can never thank him enough for all he taught me, his patience, kindness and perfect manners with me, allowing me to share his life. The last couple of years of his life Monty was living his dream---the much desired stage of 'pasture ornament.'  Because of so many of the things he taught me I was able to find a new dressage partner, a lovely PMU horse, Detroit Diesel.  He, too, is certain he is deserving of non-stop treats and a dream horse life style.  A big, handsome, dappled bay Clydesdale/Thoroughbred x, I'm passing on many of the lessons I learned from Monty to Detroit Diesel; in return he is teaching me as much, if not more.  Every horse is a new learning experience.  I am so lucky they have allowed me to share their lives. 

    Once again I've been very lucky to have found a truly lovely. sane, kind, beautiful moving and gentle horse to share my horse addiction.   The saddle even fits him!   He is just starting his dressage career.   The adventure begins anew; teaching and learning, with a new horse.  Every ride is a challenge, to keep up with his big, wonderful strides, and learn to adjust to his needs and abilities.  As Charles de Kunffy says, in a lesson there are 3 members: the horse, the rider/student, and the teacher/coach.  Luckily, Detroit Diesel is as patient and kind as Monty was, tolerating my weaknesses and foibles, while teaching me what he needs to learn. I'm one lucky book dealer!  

    As a strong believer in animal rescues, I feel very fortunate to have a PMU horse for my new riding horse.   Classical dressage is fun to learn with such a terrific equine partner. I'm also gifted to have a wonderful, experienced, and infinitely patient [I am a slow learner] dressage teacher. We read books and articles together, and then attempt to have me, and Detroit Diesel, copy these written lessons. He is capable of doing so: me, not so much, although I try as much as my limited abilities allow me. 

  • Some comments from our customers:


  • Excellent! Great Seller and Quick Shipping. Thank you.TG, 12 August, 202, St.Louis, MO
  • WOW, I received my order long before expected, thank you!!! It was packaged very well. 6/15/2020.  KS, California.
  • Lightning FAST shipping! Item EXPERTLY packed! AS ADVERTISED! A+! Thank you! PR Woodbridge, NJ, 20 May 2020
  • Hi Joyce,
    I can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of my order. The gift is for a special person and I’m so grateful to you for making it so personal. It was a pleasure to talk to you and share some horse related laughs. My horse too used to collude with nature.... Your customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced! Enjoy your horses!!!!!! 18 December, 2019, DS, NJ
  • Quick service, well protected shipping; 22 April 2019, L in MN
  • Excellent and prompt service. Will definitely order again from this seller. 15 December 2019, PEC , NJ
  • What a find! I can't believe how inexpensive it was for the incredible condition it is in! Thank YOU 12 March, 2019, MM, NJ.
  • This may be too much information but to express what a beautiful gift your book is, I thought that I would share the following with you. XXY is drawn to the people who rescued others. On a day when it was not on my schedule to look for this gift, for some reason I pulled down one of her books on Resurers, thinking that the resources page might direct me to a copy that she does not have. I was directed to Conscience Courage which is a book that XXY has spoken a lot about. Upon checking, I saw that her copy was a paperback so I set out to find her a First/First and that led me to you and your very important book. XXY is very sentimental and believes that some part of a person's essence is left behind in what they touch. To say that this book will have great meaning and be most valued by her is an understatement. I could not have of asked to find this book through someone such as yourself who has been so generous with your time and help. I truly believe a higher power was involved here and I am most grateful to you for your part and your help in all of this. M.M.,TX, 24 August 2018

  • I have to say again, wow, I was already surprised with the vast selection your store carries but I
    am truly impressed with the speed and quality of your replies and customer service. Haha don't worry
    about penmanship, my family always joked I should be a doctor with how my writing looks. Thank you and I
    hope he never needs it too, he has 2 horses now and luckily they have never had more than little cuts
    but he has been wanting to learn more medical care for that "just in case" moments. His one horse loves
    his sugar cubes, it's funny how affectionate he his.... especially near where the sugar cubes are kept.
    Again I understand mistakes happen and I am just amazed at how quick you corrected it, I am DEFINITELY
    letting everyone we know with horses know how amazing you and your store is. R.R., TX, 20 December, 2018
  • Thank you for the fast and accurate service and attention to detail with packaging.M.S., VA, 2 Janaury 2019
  • Received both platters today perfectly packed and shipped, thank you.
    I had just finished unpacking one and laid it on the kitchen counter for a moment. By the time I unwrapped the second one, my husband had already put a hot dog on it and was in the living room watching football with it. Got to put fancy imported Welsh pottery in the china cabinet faster next time! Just passing on a smile.C.C., N.C, 13 January, 2019

  •  Excellent people to have done business with; their care in packaging the item was superb. I wish every company I do business with took such care. They defeated the mangling monster of the U.S. Post Office. I am most grateful. 11 May, 2018.  JC, Bronx, NY. 
  • Hello,The book arrived yesterday! Thanks! I’ll show it to my teacher.  MM, Belgium.  16 December, 2017.
  • It has arrived; it looks super, XXXX is going to be over the moon...thanks again for finding it, and thanks for finding an affordable copy...I like my newer version for myself because of the English translations but for XXXX, nothing but the original will is pretty awesome:  PM, NC, USA, 30 October, 2017
  • Great experience! Would order again. Seller quickly corrected a minor problem with excellent communication. Pegasus Books also worked around my problem of not being able to print from my iPad. I am a happy buyer.  AM, Maryland, 6 March 2017
  • Dear Joyce
    The carefully-wrapped book "Horse Psychology" arrived yesterday.  I am looking forward to reading it this weekend. 
    Thank you for your time and trouble, and I will keep you in mind for any other horse books.  
    I enjoyed speaking with you!  Good success with your riding endeavors. :-     LC; Vermont, 20 February, 2017
  • Hello Joyce! 
    I was excited to receive a package today marked USA! Initially I thought I must have ordered the wrong books as the package seemed too stiff and heavy. Well, I was excited to find a surprise gift in there. What a lovely thing to do, I badly needed a pick me up today. Now to read said manuscripts. Best to you all. DB, Australia; 14 February, 2017
  • Condition better than described and showed up fast. Thanks much! NV, Sealy, TX; 10/4/2016
  • So happy to get this out-of-print book. Great service. LS, Little Rock, Arkansas; 9/19/2016
  • Hello Joyce   Just wanted to thank you very much for the two books I ordered and also for the additional book. I will enjoy reading that one immensely. It was very kind of you to send the book. Thank you! The books arrived in time for Christmas so that worked out well. A big bonus! Well, hope you have a splendid 2016 coming up and stay healthy. Sincerely, Karen, 12/30/2015, Ontario, Canada
  • I have loved this book for years. How happy I was to see that it was available. It arrived promptly and in fabulous condition. Thank you. MH, Connecticut, 9/15/2015
  • The book I ordered on 8-27-2015 shipped and arrived on time, and was in Very Good condition just as described. I would certainly buy from this seller again. AC, Richmond, VA, 9/2/2015
  • I bought an old spinning wheel not long after receiving my book, and it was one of the ones pictured in the book. MJG, Rockbridge, OHio, 12/26/2014
  • Hi Joyce,
    I received the book today. Thanks for your prompt service. It is exactly as I remembered. I can't wait to start on some of the models.
    Tom W, Australia 4 June, 2015
  • received the book yesterday; thank you so much! Perfect condition--I will certainly enjoy looking through the amazing    sketches of AA [Ann Arbor]! RM,  Livonia, Michigan 10 February, 2014. 
  • Brilliant service. Arrived 5th November, was told 25th November. Wish all my deliveries arrived that quick. Usually take 3-4 weeks and I pay a fortune for delivery. This arrived so quick and I paid no more than usual. Amazon why cant [sic]you send them this quick?  HE; Queensland, Australia, 11/2014. 
  • The seller said that the quality was "Very Good." In actuality, it looked brand new! I have already recommended this seller to others. I couldn't be more pleased! RH, California, 9/14, 2014 
  •  Arrived very fast and just perfect! With a special thank you in my language! love it!! I recomend the seller! Thanks a lot!! Greece, 7/23/2014
  •  Received a new book as marketed. Shipped same day and arrived ahead of schedule.  JL, Tucson, AZ, 5/24/2014
  • Greetings from snow-bound Nova Scotia. Many thanks for your prompt attention - my daughter will enjoy reading the book over Christmas break. Best wishes for the Holiday Season. Regards, George d. B. R.; 16 December 2013
  • Dear Joyce, My sister arrived a few hours ago in Cyprus and we have just opened the package with the books. Thanks you so very much for the gift. I am SURE Alexis will be touched and happy with your wonderful gesture. I don't know if he has the book but I will let you know. All the books look great!!
  • Here it's been unusually cold, with lots of snow in the mountains but here in Nicosia just a little frost. The sun is out today but still chilly outside... nothing like your bbbbrrrrrrrrr.... cold temperatures. Once again thank you for all your help and the wonderful gift. Have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year. Take a very good care, Elena. 16 December, 2013. Cyprus
  • AND THOUSANDS, NO, MILLIONS OF THANKS! The book arrived! It was so clean and beautiful - and so very well packed - it came here without injuries! I was also extremely surprised and happy about the surprise you had packed! That little book seemed very interesting! And the card, it was so beautiful, you made me happy and glad! :) J.A. and Jorma, 12/2013, Finland.  
  • I am SURE A. will be touched and happy with your wonderful gesture. I don't know if he has the book but I will let you know. All the books look great!! I WILL TELL A. YOU ARE WAVING AT HIM IN CASE HE DID NOT SEE IT :) HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON AND THANKS ONCE MORE.  12/2013, E.A.,Cyprus
  • Great experience. Prompt delivery!  11/4/2013, Karen F. NJ

  • Book was exactly as described and arrived from the US quicker than others I'd ordered in the UK. Very impressed with packaging and speed. The only downside to ordering from the US is the postage charges. The book did come within a week though.10/23/2013, Wayne, UK.  
  • Items arrived earlier with a handwritten thanks note. book in excellent condition.C. Italy, 10/19/2013
  • Jean C., and other riderly friends.... you might like this website. Joyce Mogill is an amazing bookseller, as well, ready to address any query or search in an instant." R.R. California, 10/7/2013 
  • Great packing and quick delivery. Great customer service.   AY, Washington State, 5/2013
  • I would rate this seller with the highest possible rating. They were extremely helpful, communicated with me, and the book was exactly what they said and what I was looking for. I will definitely purchase from them again if they have a book I want.   Gary, 3/2013
  • Hi Joyce This morning I picked up the package. At least half of the joy in the purchase is the pickup and first opening of the books. I will share some moments leafing through them with my wife this evening when we meet so she can at least verify (and possibly enjoy) her great gift to me. I hope you enjoy De Kunffy. He is a lucid writer (and I presume speaker as well) and I think I have all his books. I hope he is also of practical help. Many thanks for your follow up on the order. Until the next order .... Kind regards. A & E, Cyprus, 6 March 2013
  • I picked up the book you shipped me, "Smart Little Lena: The Grand Slam Years" by Gala Nettles.  You said on the phone that it was a beautiful book, but I had absolutely NO IDEA how beautiful it was.  Thank you!
  • This is my horse, Jesse, and you were right that Smart Little Lena is important in his lineage, so the book is especially welcome. Now that I see how beautiful the book is, though, I'm going to read it cover to cover with care, and then put it where it will stay as nice as it is.  :-) Again, my thanks. Gary, San Diego  3/4/2013
  • Dear Ms. Mogill:

    I was flabbergasted when your shipping refund came in the mail.  I do a considerable amount of shopping through the internet and no one has ever refunded late express mail charges until now.  As far as I was concerned, you tried your best to get the book to me in time, you wrapped the gift, and you kept on top  of the order until it was delivered.  Never did I expect to get a refund. I thought customer services was an antiquated concept, until now.So far I've  told   three people about your company and how you treat your customers.  

    Hopefully your company will continue to grow and prosper.

    Thank you.


    SPRINGFIELD, MO     1/30/2013
  • Joyce. Thanks so very much.     My friend will so enjoy!     Your notes are delightful. B.M., IL, 4 March 2013
  •  Arrived way before promised and was in great shape. Super protective packaging. Thanks.  MM, NY, 5/30/2012
  • I got everything in time even earlier. Everything was well packed. A. G. Montreal, Canada  9 May  2012
  • Hi Joyce, Monty Detroit Diesel.  I had purchased a few carrots for you guys but I simply could not resist them, so consumed them!!!!  Maybe next time if you are lucky!! 
  • Dear Joyce, Yes I did get it in time.It was beautifully wrapped and in excellent condition.Thank you for your very professional handling of the mailing.  And for the pleasant memory of our conversation about books. BM, N. Carolina, 12/2011
  • Just to let you know that your treasure has arrived safe and sound in perfect condition....and a big thank you to you for the superb packing of the book, that is what I would define as being exceptional - the best packing that we have ever encountered star for you!!!!!!   We could tell you lots of sagas we have had with regards to bad packaging of books that we have ordered in the past!!!
  • Susan, UK, 7/2011 Excellent, efficient service. The book reached me in New Zealand well before the delivery estimate and in very good condition. David, New Zealand, 6/2011
  • An amazing book delivered on time, and in excellent condition. Have you seen Herzog's movie about Chauvet? Steven, 5/2011
  • Fast Shipping. Item as described. Thanks!! AAAAA+++++   Debbie, 4/11   The book was in excellent condition and arrived closer to the November 15th estimated delivery date.   David, 12/10   Very carefully packed and in great condition. THANKS!
  • John, 10/10   Book arrived in a timely matter, was well packaged and in condition as described by the seller. Would buy again.   E.P., NYC, 10/10   Not "one of the best" but the best packaging and shipping experiences for a book. As an avid book person, I got a book in collectible condition. should take lessons from this seller about how to ship books.   Candace, Florida, 11/09
  • Book came yesterday and looks great! Thanks, E
  • Dear Joyce- Thought you'd like to know, the two books arrived today in excellent condition. It's been a pleasure dealing with you. Thank you. Y. W.
  • Many Thanks to you Today I received this safety thank you [sic] T. K. TOKYO
  •  Hi Joyce, The books have arrived in what must be record time by any standards. Excellent, thank you very much. Thanks agains, best
  •  Hi Joyce, The Olympic book is in beautiful condition and I can't put it down! It's a wonderful book and it's a shame that it's out of print. regards, Bonnie
  •  Thanks for the note. I order a number of books through Abebooks. Sellers rarely include a note when acknowledging an order, so the personalizing is appreciated. It will mean that, when possible, I'll turn to Pegasus in the future. Clark
  • Joyce, Many thanks. The book arrived in Friday's mail. No problems with customs at all. I will recommend others to your website. My daughter is thrilled with the text and the level of information it contains. Can't say enough about how quickly we received this hard to find book. Carol 
  • Thank you Joyce. I really appreciate your consideration and professionalism. I look forward to receiving my books and working with you again in the future. Yes, I received my books and I am enjoying them thoroughly. Thank you. J. K. , Florida
  • Hello Joyce; Yesterday the three books arrived in a giant grey plastic bag. The books were in great shape. Thanks a lot. H.B., The Netherlands
  • Joyce,Thanks for your hard work. The book is great! AND, LATER BOOK PURCHASE Joyce, Your 2 books arrived today . . . the "Elements of Style" book is very nice! GREAT reference book, thanks. J. T., California
  • Dear Joyce, The Bussei arrived safely, well-packaged, and in the condition you described. Thank you for your attention to these details. I hope that we may do further business in the future. Sincerely, J. H. Seattle
  • I recently ordered a book from you through XXXBooks and I was wondering if there was any buyer/seller responses to fill out like other sites that sell things. I was thankful for your wonderful service and I just wanted to make sure. Thanks! ~Leah~
  • The book arrived in today's mail. It is, indeed, a huge book. I am sorry that you went to the additional expense of sending it Priority Mail. It was very nice of you! I do have Mr.___ invoice. It was in the book. Again, thank you for your generous help. /cf **[I had made a shipping error and rushed to fix it]**, and, later, Dear Ms. Mogill, I believe I told you to not worry about the refund of postage. You were very nice about correcting the error. I am delighted to have the beautiful book. A Very Happy New Year with a wish for good health! C
  • Hi Joyce, ... Three books: one for me, one for J, one for L - if Paul has time to do more than sign his name! Hi Joyce, Thank you so much. All the books arrived safely today. I am delighted with Paul B's inscription to me and I really appreciate you arranging it. L and J will also be over the moon! Diane, Canada
  • Dear Joyce, I finally made it to the post office to pick up package with two books. The third was sent separately? The book is wonderful, but brings out the tear. Thank you, AND It arrived!!!!!Thank you so much. bbr **[bought my 2 copies of book, and I found a 3rd copy too]
  • Dear Joyce, Just wanted to let you know the books came today. Can't wait to start reading! Thank you again. Barb
  • Just want you to know that the book arrived Saturday, in good condition, and it's just what I expected. Thanks!
  • Hi Joyce, Just wanted to lety ou know that the book arrived safe and sound is great and I know my friend will be thrilled!
  • Thanks for the excellent packing job and the upgrade to Priority Mail. I have your website bookmarked and hope to buy from you again sometime! Take care, R, Arizona
  • I got my book this morning. It's great. Thanks for your swiftness. Monsieur B., France
  • Hello Joyce- The book arrived in excellent condition on Thursday. Thank you for the swift processing... Steve B. ___ Books Sydney, Australia
  • Dear Joyce, Just to let you know that the book arrived today. Thanks again for your effort. All the best, Will, England
  • Dear Joyce, The book arrived yesterday and I just wanted to thank you for all your help. The book is exelent [sic]!!!. I just love it. It was a pleasure to do business with Pegasus Books and look forward to buy more books in the near future. I will keep an eye on your web site for new books related to scale model building. Best Regards, L. A., Puerto Rico
  • Dear Joyce Thank you for your quick work very much. Maybe I will purchase some other books later. C.S. California
  • Hi Joyce Thanks for fast shipping hope to buy from you again best wishes rachel ps always looking out for books on lilliput lane, beswick, doulton etc
  • Joyce, I meant to email you ages ago, but my daughter's Wild Horse Annie project is taking all our spare time! The book is a great help, and thanks for sending along the little paperback too. We will certainly keep you in mind for next year's History Day project. Thank you! Karen
  • I received the book, today, 20 June 2005. Thank you very much for your steady packing. sincerely Natsuko Y. [Japan]
  • Arrived this morning right on time. Many thanks, you're a star ! Best, Anne, England
  • I received the books today -- thanks so much -- they are just what I wanted. Penny B.
  • Wow! Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support. Yesterday was my birthday and I had decided to purchase the book as a present for myself, and something to read while I'm finishing the last few months out here before getting back to my own horse. Your generosity has made it even better!
  • Hi Joyce! I got the book yesterday, and I'm thrilled! I am so glad to have found it. Best wishes, Margaret
  • Joyce, Book arrived safely today. Very nice copy. Many thanks. John [Ireland]
  • Thank you for your prompt reply. I'm very impressed with your service and sensitivity for customers' needs.I'm very impressed with your service and efficiency. I will definitely keep Pegasus Books in mind next time I need to look for a book! A., Hawaii
  • Thank you for the book. I just discovered the work of Fisch and I am looking forward to incorporating her techniques into my designs. Thanks again, JR, Columbus, OH
  • Yesterday I received your very very well packed book. It is marvellous [sic] and I thank you so very much indeed. Greetings from Germany and take care. G.. H.. Berlin, Germany
  • Dear Joyce, I was so thrilled to hear you had "Six White Horses". It was a favorite book of mine as a child and it somehow got misplaced. I was born and raised in Michigan so it is even more special that I"m receiving the book from you in Saginaw:) I've been looking for this book for sometime now. Even my mother is thrilled that I found it. Thank-you very much and I look so forward to receiving my book. You have made us very happy!!!! L.F, Henderson, Nevada
  • Excellent. Thanks, Joyce. I'm tempted by several of the other gems in your catalogue but haven't decided yet. Regards D. P., Australia
  • Dear Joyce, thank you for your friendly order confirmation. We are looking forward to get the translation of Das Dressurpferd and thank you a lot for your assistance. If we need some more English horse books, we would be glad to contact you again. Best regards and good luck with the half-pass, K. Z., Germany